Learn About Electric

At CGR Contract Hire we can help you with the transition to electric and a greener driving experience.  Now all manufacturers have some type of EV in their range which means we will have something for every person and every budget.  Whether you are looking for a small compact right up to a spacious SUV we have something for everyone.

Learn About Electric

A growing awareness of the environmental impact of internal combustion engine vehicles has led car manufacturers to move towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options.  Coupled with further changes in legislation, electric vehicles (EV’s) are gaining more and more popularity. 

Forget the electric milk float of yesteryear, EV’s  have now moved into the mainstream with advances in range, performance, features style and desirability.

Contract Hiring, or leasing, is a fantastic way to ensure that you have the latest vehicle at a reasonable monthly price and no added extra costly surprises. Electric cars will be the way of the future, with improving battery range, more and more charging ports being installed, and the convenience of charging at home getting around is so easy. 

So experience the numerous benefits of an EV, such as the convenience to charge from home, reduced emissions and off course lower running costs and electrify your drive today !!!

Charging an Electric Car

The number of outlets that are available to charge your vehicle keep growing and with the average cost of charging your car much lower than filling a tank with petrol or diesel you really do appreciate that saving in your pocket. This interactive UK charging map helps to find out what charging ports are near you and the type of charging that it offers; range anxiety can be a thing of the past. 

Ideally, charging at home overnight would cause the least inconvenience to you and your travel plans, and there is a scheme that offers £350 off the cost of installing a charging port to your home making it even easier to keep your battery topped up.


Going the Distance

Electric battery technology has just got better and better and now, most cars, on a single charge, have a distance of approximately 200 miles, meaning that there isn’t anything that you can’t do. The Polestar 2 even has an impressive range of nearly 300 miles before you need to recharge, that's some serious distance you can cover totally worry free. 

With the warranty that comes as standard with all electric cars, then you need never worry about needing to replace a battery as it’s all covered for your peace of mind and enjoyment of the open road.


Electric Vehicles for Any Lifestyle

Electric vehicles come in all shapes and sizes these days, all manufacturers are creating stylish, sleek and desirable cars that rival traditional petrol and diesel cars. Whether you want to be zipping around the city, and be able to park in a tight spot, or whether you're traveling with family and need a bigger ride, or if you just want to sit in luxury no matter where you're traveling to, you no longer have to compromise, you can have everything you want in a car, and still be kind to the environment. The Fiat 500, the Kia Niro and the Tesla Model 3 respectively all meet that criteria. 

Electric Car Leasing Special Offers

Amber has a wide range of electric vehicles that are available that will meet your needs, and even better, we have them in stock and ready to go. Our special offers page has all the latest information or our stock vehicles and fantastic drive away today prices.